AwardMax Technology

Our software and systems are designed to optimize the earning, management and use of company generated points that are earned from both travel and non-travel sources.

Over the span of two decades AwardMax, together with our sister companies, has developed proprietary software that coordinates and directs data between airline reservation systems, websites, internal and external databases, and our individual software components.

The AwardMax technology interfaces with all major airline global distribution systems (GDSs). By connecting to the GDS used by the company’s travel booking center, we are able to view and process each reservation for the purpose of earning all of the company points that can be generated from these reservations. In addition, each reservation is reviewed for possible replacement or cost reduction through the optimal use of these company points.

Our software is comprised of four distinct, but highly integrated, components:

  • ProTrav® is our primary data warehouse and overall system controller which stores all pertinent point program information, as well as information about the company’s travelers and their travel activity. ProTrav imports data from multiple sources and prepares various internal and external reports.
  • IntelliPro® is the decision-making engine which directs other software components in what actions to take and assists our agents in making optimal decisions.
  • GDSPro® is our interface to the worldwide airline reservation systems. GDSPro provides two-way communication between the company and the AwardMax systems and processes all tasks required on each reservation booked by the company.
  • NetPro® is our software platform that interacts with any website and e-mail functions. NetPro can read or post information between websites so that any internal databases of the company (with a web interface) can communicate with our system.

These four systems are tightly integrated to leverage the abilities of each component – all with the purpose of providing optimal results for the earning, management and use of company points.

Additionally, our technology interacts with other systems of the company, the travel agency, the travel providers and the individual travelers. It is the seamless integration of the components of our system and how they interact with other systems that allow us to achieve optimal results for the company.