What does AwardMax do?

AwardMax provides a full-service solution for optimally earning, managing and using points that are provided directly to the company.  In addition to frequent traveler miles and points offered to individual travelers, many loyalty programs (e.g., airlines, hotels, credit card companies, etc.) also offer points directly to the company. This means that both the company and the individual traveler can earn frequent traveler points. Our focus is entirely on the company points, not the individual frequent traveler miles and points earned by the company’s travelers. We market this service through travel agencies.

By acting as an extension of the company's travel agency (or in-house agency), AwardMax is able to connect to the company’s travel booking center. This connection allows us to process company travel bookings in order to optimize the earning and management of these company-generated points – and to act as the redemption center for the use of these points. Company points generated outside of the booking process (such as points earned through air cargo or credit cards, etc.) are also managed and used by AwardMax on behalf of the company. We provide company point program solutions that are seamless for the travel agency, the company and the travelers. In addition to seamless solutions, we have the expertise to make critical decisions, such as the type of points to be earned, the optimal inventory levels to be maintained and how the points should be used to provide maximum company benefit.

We act as an extension of the travel agency—acting only as a company point program specialist, not as a travel agency. As such, we are able to use our specialized company point program focus and expertise to provide savings beyond those offered by travel agencies, travel consultants or any other entity that may choose to offer such a service.

Our service includes:

  • An initial evaluation of company travel data to determine specific savings opportunities and projected savings for each of these opportunities.
  • The establishment and implementation of all processes and procedures necessary to put our services into operation.
  • Our proprietary technology to connect to and process each travel reservation—from initial booking through travel completion.
  • Researching, obtaining, applying and managing savings opportunities.
  • Customized reports detailing all pertinent program details.
  • Periodic Executive Summaries to review the success of the program and to present any new savings opportunities.


How is AwardMax paid?

The AwardMax fee is entirely performance based. Our fee structure is 25-30% of the savings we achieve for the company—a company pays nothing unless we save that company money.


What's special about the AwardMax technology and expertise?

Along with our sister companies, we have over 20 years of experience in delivering loyalty program solutions for companies, government agencies, travel agencies, travel consultants, travel providers and individual travelers. We have developed sophisticated software and service methodologies that are comprehensive and adaptable to the ever-changing loyalty programs and customized to the needs of all of its users.

Our technology is designed to be adaptable and handle any complexity that the loyalty programs can create, as well as skillfully handling the internal business rules, policies and preferences of its users. We pride ourselves on providing highly customizable solutions that suit our users’ needs perfectly.

Our staff is well versed in the complexity and dynamic nature of loyalty programs. Due to our longevity in the business, we understand the loyalty programs inside and out and can apply our expertise and experience in designing our services for each of our users.


How does AwardMax help solve your problems?

We assist travel agencies in enhancing and extending their role as travel professionals by providing them with service solutions that they can offer to their corporate clients for the purpose of reducing business travel costs.

Companies usually assume that their travel agency knows everything when it comes to travel—including loyalty programs. Even though these loyalty programs offer awards that can be redeemed for travel, travel agents are seldom loyalty program experts, leaving them ill-equipped to provide robust loyalty program services.

The level of complexity and dynamic nature associated with loyalty programs requires loyalty program specialists. AwardMax allows travel agencies to offer specialized loyalty program services directly to their corporate clients, which in turn enhances and extends their role as the travel professional.